Saturday, November 24, 2007

VICTORY! Mizzou 36, Kansas 28

What a game tonight! That screen shot above with a piece of the Arrowhead turf stuck in Reesing's helmet is just PRICELESS! Just as you think that Kansas might come from behind and break the hearts of Missouri fans, the Mizzou defense comes up HUGE with a safety that will be remembered for years to come. Missouri is now an incredible 11-1 on the season, with a rematch against Oklahoma to decide the Big 12 next Saturday.

It was really a great game and at the end, either team could have won. I was a bit surprised to see Missouri hold Kansas scoreless through the first half, but then again I think Mizzou got a little help in the first half from the KU kicker, who happened to miss two field goals. Just when it seemed like Missouri was going to run away with this game, Kansas came running back and I think Missouri fans around the world held their breath and thought "here we go again", just like a basketball game. But those same fans were able to breathe a collective sigh of relief. When Kansas got the ball back with about a minute left, I jumped up and started screaming as the defenders chased after Reesing in the end zone for a game-ending safety!

So where does this leave Missouri? Well, I'd say with a heck of a chance to be ranked #1 once the new rankings come out tomorrow. I guess none of this was too much of a surprise to the experts though. Lee Corso was yet another expert to call this game correctly on College Gameday this morning:


Chris in Oxford said...

Ok, even I have to admit that I'm getting a little excited by Mizzou's success. Which means I have been sucked in just in time for them to blow it as is their wont.

Matthew said...

Last nights game was exciting. I was getting a bit upset later in the second half, fearing Mizzou's defense was going to blow it and let KU come back for the win. KU didn't have enough time, and the safety put the nail in the coffin. As a prominant St. Louis sports writer said "the defense chased KU back to Lawrence."