Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Pictures from Christmas

Don't be confused by the title... I am not going to post pictures of us opening gifts on or around Christmas. I have been playing catch up with my flickr account the last few days and I discovered that I never posted pictures I took on the flight to NYC. Jason and I were on separate flights so when the pilot of my flight took a picture perfect approach to Laguardia, I took out my camera. I hear this may be illegal and if anyone can provide me proof of this, I will remove the pictures but personally, I don't think this ia any different than Google Earth.
My favorite picture is of Shea Stadium and the soon to be Citi Field... I think that may be Jason's as well.
Shea stadium
I also have pictures of the Statue of Liberty
NY approach
and lower Manhattan
NY approach
The rest of the pictures can be found here

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Frigid cold


It finally stopped snowing and the skies are gorgeous today. That only means one thing... its freezing outside. I think temperatures are hovering around zero. It is a perfect day to stay inside, except of course to go vote in the Wisconsin primary! I thought that I was done with political advertisements for a few months.. but that was not the case. It seems that the campaigns at this point are into a little more dirt throwing than we saw in Iowa about 6 weeks ago.

Here is my politically inspired picture of the day (just because of the red and blue).

berries and blue sky

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine's Day

I know.. its a few days late but I used today to make Jason a great Valentine's dinner.
On the menu:
chicken mole
Chicken mole

Spanish Rice
refried beans
Dinner table
and chocolate pudding cake
Valentine's cake
Valentine's cake

Jason said it was delicious no less than 20 times.. so I think I did okay.

More Winter!!

I have taken this week off from work to relax and spend some time with Jason in Wisconsin. I have decided to use this time to catch up on other things like the blogs that I haven't read or written in quite some time, cook, and work on our house a little (nothing drastic just some cleaning and possibly some new curtains for our new patio door).
I didn't think there could be much more snow up here than in Iowa but I was severely mistaken. This winter is already in the recordbooks for Madison as the snowiest on record. Before yesterday's snowfall, the season total was at 84 inches.. far surpassing the old record of 76 inches. We were supposed to get a foot yesterday after the freezing rain ended but only 4-5 inches fell.. did I mention it is still snowing?

I personally am sick of winter... I want to hear birds and smell spring!

Here are some of our favorite pictures from yesterday, I will try to get out and take some more today. I will try to keep our winter set updated on flickr.