Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pictures from Christmas

Don't be confused by the title... I am not going to post pictures of us opening gifts on or around Christmas. I have been playing catch up with my flickr account the last few days and I discovered that I never posted pictures I took on the flight to NYC. Jason and I were on separate flights so when the pilot of my flight took a picture perfect approach to Laguardia, I took out my camera. I hear this may be illegal and if anyone can provide me proof of this, I will remove the pictures but personally, I don't think this ia any different than Google Earth.
My favorite picture is of Shea Stadium and the soon to be Citi Field... I think that may be Jason's as well.
Shea stadium
I also have pictures of the Statue of Liberty
NY approach
and lower Manhattan
NY approach
The rest of the pictures can be found here


Sinead said...

They are great photos. I was on a flight from Adelaide to Japan and the pilot was kind enough to do a couple of circles over Ayers Rock. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera nearby!

Chris in Oxford said...

I can't imagine why it would be illegal - except maybe that Shea is so ugly that it's almost a crime against humanity.

Seriously, great shots!

Matthew said...

Nice Pictures! April and I are planning a trip to N.Y. City in late April. Any suggestions on where to go and what to do?