Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last weekend

Dinner at The Big Steer... $36 (thanks Mom and Dad)

Tickets to the fair... $12.

Seeing the World Super Bull (he weighed over 3000 lbs).. free

seeing the Big Boar.. free

foot long corn dog.. $7

egg on a stick while waiting to see the butter cow (and butter Harry Potter).. free

cheese on a stick... $4

bucket calf show.. free

taking a break next to a woman who didn't have much to say.. free.

Showing Jason around his first Iowa State Fair (even thought it was 100 degrees and we didn't eat pork on a stick or deep fried candybars).......... priceless.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Saturday, August 11, 2007

So this girl was petting a guy's monkey...

Read the rest for yourself:

Capital Times

Clearly the editor didn't proof-read this article too closely because it seems they missed an alternate meaning for a particular phrase.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Words for Wordless Wednesday

The picture Jason posted is from the top of the High Falls on the Baptism River in Tetteguche State Park in Minnesota on the North Shore or Lake Superior. Jason and I tool a vacation here in September of 2003 (maybe it was 2004). We had a great time hiking and taking in spectacular views. If I ever get around to putting the pictures into a flickr photo album, I will post them.

On another note, I have been so bad about posting lately but something really made me smile this week. Jay Mohr is now a writer for Fox Sports. He even mentions Rickey Henderson. I loved his column for last year. One of my columns was about sports that aren't sports.. like figure skating. After bashing the music that figure skaters perform to, he finishes an out-of-nowhere Neil Diamond tirade by saying that he would watch men's figure skating if the man were Neil Diamond in one of his sparkling shirts skating to coming to America.... priceless.

Wordless Wednesday