Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last weekend

Dinner at The Big Steer... $36 (thanks Mom and Dad)

Tickets to the fair... $12.

Seeing the World Super Bull (he weighed over 3000 lbs).. free

seeing the Big Boar.. free

foot long corn dog.. $7

egg on a stick while waiting to see the butter cow (and butter Harry Potter).. free

cheese on a stick... $4

bucket calf show.. free

taking a break next to a woman who didn't have much to say.. free.

Showing Jason around his first Iowa State Fair (even thought it was 100 degrees and we didn't eat pork on a stick or deep fried candybars).......... priceless.


Sinead said...

where is the corn? i thought iowa was all about pigs and corn??

CDV said...

Two questions - did you see any presidential candidates and did Jason eat any food that wasn't phallic?

Jenelle said...

There was plenty of corn.. I just didn't think it was picture worthy... I think the presidential candidates started showing up on Monday. There were candidate booths but just their employees were present. Not surprising for the republicans since the straw poll was the day before in Ames.
However we did vote in a 'kernel poll' for our favorite candidates. You get a kernel of corn and put it in a mason jar for your favorite candidate. Then they weigh them.
We ate lunch at the beef tent and Jason had a steak sandwich... not phallic at all.

Jamie(I wanna be Paula Deen) Miller said...

Too cleaver!
We aren't going to make it to the fair this year. :(
I even get free tickets from work,but my Hubby is a party pooper.
I love the picture of you and the little old woman!