Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thank you Hannah

I don't know Hannah from Wisconsin but on Tuesday morning I received a text from her (I will keep her number confidential). It said:
Happy first day of school!
xoxo Hannah
I didn't think much of it. I know that Tuesday was the first day of school across all of Wisconsin and since I still have a Wisconsin cell phone number I figured Miss Hannah had mistakenly typed in her boyfriends cell number and texted me instead. I figured she would figure this out on her own.
I was wrong... at 3:30 in the afternoon, I received another text saying 'How did it go?'
By now I was a little irked. Her texts were costing me 10 cents a pop and although funny for a while I got this nightmare of some 16 year old girl, you know like the one who won the texting contest sending me 1000 messages in the next day or two.
So I contemplated calling her and letting her know that I am nearly 30 and no longer in school so I doubted I was the person she wanted to text... but I took the easy way out and texted her back. I simply said 'I don't know u.' Thinking this was done, I went home and made dinner, only to get another text at 8pm that simply said 'Awesome!'
I thought for a while about what awesome could possibly mean in this situation.

Awesome... Hannah just cost me $.40
Awesome... Hannah made a fool of herself self texting the wrong number all day.
Awesome... that guy she met last week at the bar gave her the wrong number (of course this would be a college student, not a high school one). Or possibly, she shouldn't have written his number on her hand, some of the number blurred this has happened to me before. One of my friends was going to help me move to an apartment in my college town. He was from a nearby town and his dad had a truck so he gave me his parents number. I called the next day and a man answered the phone. Sounded close enough to Eric's dad so I asked for Eric... there was a long pause and he said hold on a minute. Then a woman came on the phone (I assumed it was his mom), I again asked for Eric, she asked who I was.. I explained I was his friend from college and he was going to help me move today... she was silent for a minute and then said, 'Uh, Eric is 2.' That is possibly the longest wrong number conversation I have EVER had. Turns out, Eric wrote his parents' number on my hand. I think the number had an eight in it that I mistook for a zero. I eventually got in touch with the Eric I was looking for but I still freak out about calling people from time to time.

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yeah, an update. now i can try to get the images of jason with the corn dog and egg out of my head.