Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Great American Pastime

Yesterday, Jason and I headed to Milwaukee along with some of his lab members to watch the Brewers take on the Padres. At first arrival, I was excited to take in the good weather with the roof open. Then I found out Greg Maddux was pitching for the Padres. But then, the best of all, we had a streaker in the bottom of the first inning! He jumped out of our section, ran behind first base, touched second and headed towards third,bounced off a ground crew member at third and made his way to home plate,where he slid in feet first and was tackled and arrested.Thanks to our great seats we got a bird's eye view of everything, even the sausage races. For more pictures click here


Chris in Oxford said...

Good to see you back writing nee J. Fro. Speaking of sausage races, to qualify as a streaker, shouldn't we have seen a little bit more of that guy? Impressive that he made it round the bases, though.

Matthew said...

Nice Pic's. Going to a ball game is always tons 'o fun.