Saturday, September 8, 2007

Football and shopping.

At this point, the Iowa game isn't over but with a score of 35-0 I am calling it done. Especially since I don't get to see the game thanks to the Big Ten Network. Although I am happy with the win, I am looking toward next week for the Iowa vs. Iowa State game. I don't have tickets to the game but I will find a place to watch it.
Today was another interesting day for college football. Georgia lost (sorry Chris) and the one-time football powerhouse of Michigan with Coach Carr and the Big House... has become, as one ABC announcer called it, Coach Carwreck and the outhouse. Oregon played a great game but no one expected Michigan to be as pathetic as they are this year, especially Michigan. It became even more obvious how big the stadium is in Ann Arbor when all of the fans booed the Michigan team to the locker room at half time.

Although shopping has very little to do with football... I like football and almost hate shopping...there is a connection today. When my parents and sister and I were at Kohls this evening a little boy about 3 or 4 was running down the aisle. A man who I am assuming was his dad was chasing after him and when the boy finally stopped his dad said... 'Man, you are faster than any Michigan quarterback' I had to laugh.

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