Sunday, May 11, 2008

Play Ball!

Jenelle and I spent our afternoon at the Brewers game today. It was a part of one of these birthday celebrations where the birthday boy/girl plans several days of activities and expects all of his/her friends to attend each and every one of them. Ordinarily, I'm not a big fan of such occasions, but those that know me will realize that I can't pass up a good baseball game.

Today, the Brewers were taking on the Cardinals. Being that I currently live in Wisconsin, yet I have lived in Missouri, I really didn't care much who won the game. I just hoped for a good game with some great plays, and I think I got what I asked for. Offensively, Ryan Braun was a monster, with two home runs today to the delight of the home crowd. On top of that, it looked like the Cardinals might be able to mount a bit of a comeback in the 9th inning. Troy Glaus stepped up to bat and hit a long fly ball to deep right field. On most days, this would have been a home run and perhaps a momentum shift for the visiting team. Today, however, Corey Hart seemed to come out of nowhere to jump over the fence and pull the ball back in the park. The ball came loose and Glaus got a double, but that play really energized the crowd and seemed to energize the team too.

You might be wondering what that picture is at the top of the post today. Those are, indeed, very large sausages. It's a bit of a tradition in Milwaukee to have a sausage race during the game between innings. Some teams might resort to having an animated race on the jumbotron, but in Milwaukee they have people dress up in large sausage costumes. The cast of characters includes Bratwurst, Polish Sausage, Italian Sausage, Hot Dog, and of course, Chorizo. Chorizo has to be my favorite...probably because they put just about every Latin stereotype into this costume yet no one seems to mind. For more information on the sausage race, you can check out this site.

I've really gotten to enjoy taking pictures at the ballpark, so I also took a bunch of pictures that you can check out below.

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