Monday, July 23, 2007

Books on Tape

My boss swears by books on tape. She buys alot of them and she told me I could borrow some anytime for my commute or for traveling to see Jason. I took one with me to Missouri this weekend. Even though Jason was with me, he said he was tired. That way, he could sleep and I could listen to the book.

The book I borrowed was Tess Gerritsen's "Body Double." Maybe its because so many people I know are pregnant but this book freaked me out. I am so glad I didn't borrow it for a trip that I was taking alone! I think I would enjoy reading it better. Unfortunately the voice on the CD's was Anne Heche... I could think of worse voices to hear... Rosanne Barr or Fran Drescher come to mind.. but her voice became a little annoying. If you are up for a good thriller, and you are not pregnant, you could give this book a try.


Matthew said...

On Aprils and I move out here to Berkeley, we got a couple of audio books. One was "freakanomics" and I can't remember the other one. Something about this guy trying to become the worlds smartest person by reading the encyclopedia. They're both non-fiction, and sound a bit boring but I thought both was pretty fascinating.

One time, I thought I would try a "star wars" audio book, and talk about something fun. Everyone had different voices, there were back ground laser blast and R2D2 beeps. It was fun.

Jamie(I wanna be Paula Deen) Miller said...

Sounds good,
Thanks for the idea.