Thursday, December 13, 2007

Players listed in Mitchell report

CNN and Sports Illustrated have put together a preliminary list of players cited in the Mitchell Report. You can find it here:

A little rundown on some of the players, with my take on their involvement. I'm only going to comment on a handful because, let's be honest, does anyone really know much about players like Larry Bigbie and Jack Cust?

1. Barry Bonds - well, duh.

2. Kevin Brown - Since 2002 (the year MLB had steroids testing), he hasn't quite been the same pitcher he was in the handful of years leading up to 2002.

3. Roger Clemens - I wonder if Mike Piazza had any thoughts on Clemens and roid rage?

4. Chuck Knoblauch - Evidently steroids must enhance your ability to bean Keith Olberman's mom sitting in the stands.

5. Tim Laker - um, who???

6. John Rocker - Another side effect of steroids: it makes you a bigoted redneck.

7. Benito Santiago - I wonder if he would still be able to throw out base stealers from his knees if he wasn't on the juice?

8. Gary Sheffield - Often known for controversy, Sheffield once said something like there are more Latino players in the game than black players because you can't control black players. Maybe you can't control Sheffield because of his dependence on steroids?

It's also interesting to note how many players on this list are current or former Yankees players. On this list, I can include:
Kevin Brown
Roger Clemens
Jason Giambi
Glenallen Hill
David Justice
Chuck Knoblauch
Hal Morris
Denny Neagle
Andy Pettitte
Gary Sheffield
Mike Stanton
Randy Velarde
Rondell White

And that might not even be a complete list. I'm just going off of my memory here. And in the interest of full disclosure, I am a Mets fan and I do realize that there are some former Mets on that list too. But there's no former Mets player on that team that was highly instrumental in their history, and I enjoy criticizing the Yankees any chance I get.


Chris in Oxford said...

Who do you think would win in a cage fight between Chuck Knoblauch and John Rocker?

Jason said...

John Rocker, no question. Knoblauch would try to throw a punch, but his fist would go sailing over Rocker's head.

Jim Elder said...

About 15 years ago, I heard a broadcaster talking about how strong the entire Texas Rangers team was. He added that the player who could out-lift any of the others was none other than Kevin Brown. This was a team that included Juan Gonzalez, Pudge Rodriguez, Jose Canseco, and Dean Palmer. That is quite a list of muscle-men.

The only influential Met I can think of that was named in the report was Kirk Radomski, who apparently was very influential with many teams besides the Mets.

My take on all this is let the use the roids and HGH. If you allow them to do it, chances are it will be under a doctor's supervision with frequent blood tests - much safer that way. I enjoy watching 500 foot homers and line drives that will kill middle infielders. As you mentioned in the article, what's better than a 100 mph brush-back pitch by a guy with roid rage?

Chris in Oxford said...

Hey J & J - Merry Xmas to you both!

anilsonika said...

well i am fed with sports sports and sports. tell jenelle to write about some new recipe because we do not play this game here. Just kidding..

Chris in Oxford said...

Happy New Year guys! Let's have some activity at J & J!

Billy said...

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