Thursday, June 28, 2007

Big Old Jet Airliner....

Well.. today it is time for a ranting email. So if you are in a good mood today and don't need any negative comments.. stop reading.
Today.. right about now, Jason and I were SUPPOSED to be landing at LaGuardia Airport in NYC. However, we received a call at 2am saying that our flight was canceled. After being on hold for over an hour (Jason was on hold.. I went back to sleep), we found that the only flight we could get is tomorrow, it leaves earlier in the morning but we get to NY later because it isn't a direct flight (which we paid extra for).
What is the reason for this ridiculousness? According to the airline, the storms in the Northeast yesterday were bad enough and so many flights were canceled that they had to cancel flights today to ease pressure on the already congested airways. I understand that safety must be considered first and foremost, however, I don't understand how we will still be paying for a direct flight (which we are no longer getting) and that there is no way to get us to NY still today. We were offered the option of flying to Newark this afternoon but as I have learned.. Newark is not the easiest place to get to from Long Island. So I am building up the stamina to be on hold with the airlines and argue some more but it seems that we will be here in Wisconsin for the day. I guess that gives me time to post some other things in other, more positive posts.

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