Sunday, June 17, 2007


I can't believe it is Sunday already. I have been working quite a bit the past two weeks since I am trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible at my job. I planned to go to work yesterday for 2 hours or less and I didn't go at all. It was a nice change. We had some friends Pallavi (who we know from grad school at Missouri) and her boyfriend Akhil. It was a beautiful day outside so we grilled some pork chops and Italian Sausages that our guests brought. Looking for cooking inspiration, I looked though the Simple and Delicious issue that I recieved this week. I made some pesto cheese tarts, broccoli cheese corn bread, and deluxe strawberry shortcake. I also threw together a salad.. I don't think anyone needed dinner last night!
I will post pictures and recipes for the things I made. It was nice to see our friends.. even though we all work at UW, we don't see each other often.
We had a surprise visitor come on Thursday. Our friend Rich, a high school friend of Jason's, flew to Madison Thursday afternoon. I was pretty busy with work so I will let Jason post more details of the visit. I know that they ate about 5000 calories each between brats and beer at the memorial union, more brats and beer at State Street Brats, cheese curds at Big 10, and a butterburger basket with a frozen custard concrete from Culvers. The kicker is that Rich was still hungry when he got to our house so Jason made him a frozen pizza.
As for my plants, I picked my first tomato this week.. or I should say that I touched it and it feel off the plant.

Here are some pictures of the plants that I took last week.. the herbs still look great but the cilantro is starting to bolt. I think I need to make some salsa. The tomato plant is still loaded and there are only about 3 little tomatoes that are turning red.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. This week will be mosty more work for me. My lab is having a party for me on Thursday and I will play my last softball game with our Friday team if it doesn't rain.

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