Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Home again....

I have been terrible about posting. I apologize but in my defense I was at a conference last week and then this weekend, Jason and I went to New York for his father's surprise 60th birthday party (the surprise of course was the big reason that I couldn't post anything about it)

The party was great. It was good to see people and the food was great! I had the eggplant parmesan and Jason had chicken parmesan. Here is a picture of Jason's father with his (very delicious) cake.

Then we headed back to Ken and Natalie's for an afterparty. I guess I decided to have a drinking contest with Jason's uncle Bob....
I hear I won but I wouldn't say that from this picture.

On Sunday we went to a St. Patricks Day parade in Patchogue with Ken, Natalie, Ethan, Stepanie, and Gage. We saw lots of bagpipes and even some tractors!

I think everyone enjoyed themselves including Ken and Natalie.

On Sunday night, we went to dinner with Jeff and Christine at Todd's restaurant... again I had eggplant parmesan but Jason had gnocchi bolognese. Then we relaxed on Monday and flew back that afternoon. Then back at work for today and for dinner we had tuna fish patties and cheesy broccoli.

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