Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Playing catch up...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was out of town last week for my grandmother's funeral on Thursday. Jason's parents had planned a trip to visit us and they arrived on Thursday. We left a car for them with (very poor) directions to our house and came back to Madison on Friday to spend the weekend with them. On Friday we ate lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant. Then we walked along State Street.
After both Jason and I spent a little time at work, we headed home. Jason's parents had bought a rotisserie chicken for dinner on Thursday night so I used the leftovers to make puff pastry empanadas.
On Saturday I made a batch of my grandma's cinnamon rolls (and a loaf of bread because we didn't need 2 pans of rolls). It was my first try at making them and I think they turned out pretty well.. although I would say that my mom's are even better.
Then we headed to the Farmers market at the capitol. It was a beautiful day and the tulips were in full bloom.

Ken and Natalie bought us a couple plants for our patio. One is a grape tomato plant and the other is a dahlia.

For more pictures of the capitol area, click here.
We grilled some hot dogs for lunch and then rested during the late afternoon (except Jason, he went to lab). Then we went to Abuelos for dinner. Although no one ordered the monster combination platters that Jason and I ordered last time, we still ate plenty!
On Sunday we went to eat brunch at the Great Dane (a brew pub near campus). Again, we ate a ton of great food and then headed to Olbrich Gardens. Jason and I hadn't been there before but we will make sure that we go back. The conservatory had many beautiful orchids and other plants.

Outside, things were just starting to bloom.

For all the pictures from Olbrich (and there are many), click here.
For dinner on Sunday we had Meatloaf Supreme, mashed, potatoes, and green beans. For dessert, I made another batch of the Molten Chocolate Cakes... it was WAY too much chocolate this time and I will only fill the custard cups half full from now on.
It was a great weekend and the weather was beautiful!
Then back to work on Monday. Last night we ate more leftovers (meatloaf sandwiches). And tonight I made a recipe from one of Jamie's heroes, Paula Deen. Mexican chicken casserole (finally, the chicken is gone!) and some Cornbread.

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