Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Sorry I have been so bad about posting lately. Work has been crazy and on Thursday of this week, I headed to Iowa for a job interview and then spent Saturday with my family. It was a great trip, but its always nice to be home.
Thursday night and Friday were my interview. Then on Friday night, my mom, sister and I had dinner with my uncle Ed and aunt Catherine. Saturday we went shopping and Kohls (for almost two hours). I got a new sweater (only $7), a new bathmat and some new PJ's. Then I made a roundtrip to Leon to pick up my dad from work. We had Easter dinner last night. Andrea cooked.. it was all great. We had ham, homemade rolls, a casserole that my grandma used to make with macaroni and corn, green beans, 7-layer jello, and a strawberry dessert... I was so stuffed.
This morning before I headed back, my mom gave us easter baskets. Mom made some biscuits and gravy with some of the leftover ham and then I drove back to Madison. I made good time but I am beat!
Here are some pictures of our Easter goodies.. Jason's basket has a baster, a propane tank reader, lots of candy, and bunny poop. Mine was the same with the additional can colander and little whisk.


Jamie(I wanna be Paula Deen) Miller said...

For all that you do,the Easter Bunny didn't give you a trip to Bora Bora?
Cheap ass Rabbit...
Candy is good tho!

Jenelle said...

No kidding! Maybe the rabbit is saving up.