Saturday, January 27, 2007

Celebrity Look-Alikes

Jason and I were having a little fun on the internet. If you go to, you can upload a picture of yourself to see which celebrities you most look like. My look alikes... well.. the first 4 are ok, at least they are women. Annette Benning and Patsy Cline are beautiful.. I don't really think I resemble Bridget Fonda or Michelle Rodriquez. BUT Dirk Nowitzki??!?!?!?! I used to play alot of basketball but that shouldn't mean I look like Dirk! I'm also a little miffed that half of my look-alikes look like men. Maybe I should wear makeup for the next picture.

This is not fair... Jason only got one woman in his look alikes.... and almost all of the people in his look alikes match him at a higher percentage than my best match. I'm going to look for a better picture of myself.

I found a better picture, at least Jason said, the first match was a really beautiful woman, then there was a man that looked like Winston Chrchill, Gary Busey (seriously), Chevy Chase, Charles Bronson, Wesley Clark, Jason Priestly and wait for this one..... O.J. Simpson. Im going to use a wedding picture.

Ok, this is a little better EXCEPT Dirk is there again AND Jack Osbourne?!?!?!? seriously, do I really look like either of those two. I must look something like Dirk or he wouldn't have shown up twice! Also, Cameron Bright.... didn't even know who he was but I guess I look like a 14 year old boy!

Im not commenting about Jason, I am going to find some ice cream and pout for a while.

*Note from Jason - Why is it that my top match in both tests comes back as the man-whore from Deuce Bigalow?


Jamie said...

I can see you in Annette Benning!I also think Bridget Fonda is so cute..I would be so happy to look like her!
Hmmm,I wonder,should I try it????

Jenelle said...

yes you should.... and tell me how it goes!