Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thank you FedEx man!

I was still recovering from my celebrity look alike lists when the doorbell rang. It was a FedEx delivery. Jason and I asked for a wine rack from my parents for Christmas. Since all they could find were wine coolers, they just gave us some money to buy one. We ordered our favorite last week. This is what we found on our porch.

I forgot that we had to assemble it ourselves... we took out all the pieces... I didn't count but there were many pieces and no instructions. Until we found a little box with all the screws...

And folded up in this tiny box were the instructions.
A couple hours and two completely numb forearms later (thank goodness we have our own tools and weren't required to use the little gadget sent with the wine rack) We have a finished product.

Now we just need more wine:)

1 comment:

Jamie said...

Wohoo...arent you the upity little thing?Wine,I can get ya ya like the 2$ bottles from Wally Mart?Fill that sucker up fast!!!