Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Thursday

I had a great morning today. I slept in.... I felt a little bad for sleeping in... Jason had to get in at a normal time and I just wanted to sleep. So we agreed to drive separately and I slept for another half hour (I know I'm lazy but it was soooo nice). I think we have to take the fleece sheets off the bed.. they make it WAY too comfortable. When I finally got up, got dressed and stumbled down the stairs, I knew I would have to make my coffee and breakfast and pack my lunch. BUT when I got downstairs, I was so happy to see my lunch all packed with a bagel and my coffee all ready to go. Thank you Jason, I love you. It was a great start to my day!

The only bad thing about going out to dinner last night (other than having to pay for it of course) was that I had planned to make tortilla soup. It wasn't the tortilla soup I was really excited about so much as using my new Mario Batali Dutch oven that Jason got me for my birthday. I haven't used it yet but I have been dying to. So, tonight was the night!

Isn't it beautiful!
For dinner we had the tortilla soup which is a mix that my mom made for me. I don't have the recipe for the mix but I will update it when I get it. We also had cornbread.. also from a mix.


Ken said...

What time you get up in the morning is not based upon's often based upon what time you went to sleep. I, for example, am often up by 4am but that's because I'm often asleep by 8pm! Otherwise, as Jason can attest, I am the poster child for laziness.

Natalie said...

I am glad that the fleece sheets are sooooo comfortable. They are probably perfect for those cold Wisconsin nights and mornings. Also, the Tortilla soup looks delicious! I am looking forward to seeing the recipe in your blog.

Ethan said...

thats awesome.... jason gave you a "Dutch oven" for your birthday. Last time i did that to steph, she punched me in the stomache.

(if you dont understand. ask Jason what the NY version of a dutch oven is...)

Jenelle said...

I am pretty sure that the other meaning is not only known in New York! And how many times have you been punched for doing that?