Monday, January 22, 2007

Weather and Football

Please refer to the pictures in yesterday's blog. You know, the one with the palm trees. Well here is what we woke up to today.

The icicle was beautiful, but just a little scary. It was even bigger when we got home tonight. Here are some pictures from our deck this afternoon.

As for football, I can't believe I neglected to mention the Colts vs Patriots game last night. Great game and I was very happy with the outcome. I hate Tom Brady. I don't even have a good reason, I just don't like him. I was sort of hoping for the Saints to win the early game but the Bears win prompted a local radio station to play the Super Bowl Shuffle while we were on our way to work this morning.

AND as a bonus... this is for those of you (who will remain unnamed) who would not believe that gas prices in Madison are under $2. Well here is the proof.

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