Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ice Cream Anyone?

Jason and I were a little bored tonight. We had dinner, watched random television shows... didn't really know what to do without football to watch. We both decided that we could use some ice cream. Jason's mom sent me a megaball ice cream maker for my birthday so we thought we would give it a try.

It was pretty easy to use... the bottom opened up and we were supposed to fill this with ice and salt. We ran out of ice so we had to use snow... and we didn't have rock salt so we used kosher salt.

Then we had to mix up the ice cream. One quart of cream, one cup of sugar, one tablespoon of vanilla, and three tablespoons of instant coffee dissolved in the smallest amount of water possible (I used 2.5 tablespoons of instant coffee in 2 tablspoons of leftover coffee from this morning heated in the microwave).

Then you just pour the mixture into the top opening, seal everything up and mix, and mix and mix.

After 30 minutes of mixing (we stopped after 10 to add more snow.. 15 to scrape down the sides... 20 to scrape down the sides and add more snow) we finally had our finished product!

Scraping the ice cream out was easier said than done, although as the container warmed up, it got easier, I guess we were just impatient to eat!

As a fan of Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream, I can honestly say that this recipe was just as good, if not better. I think Jason agrees. Now we are just trying to tell ourselves that all of that work burnt off enough calories to negate the ice cream (don't worry though, we have plenty of it left in the freezer).

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