Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Not So Sweet Sophie's

Today was a typical day. Wake up, drag ourselves out of bed. Get to work. I had a relatively good day at work. Nothing went horribly wrong and I got quite a bit of work done. Jason and I rode together again today... more because I am lazy than because of the weather. Anyway, I was jabbering about my day and then I realized that Jason's day had not went so well... just all around crappy. So we got home, I was going to make the tortilla soup but Jason wanted to go out to eat. So we tried a place in our small town that we hadn't been to yet... Sweet Sophie's. We have heard not so good things about it on one of the local radio stations but we thought we would give it a try. The place looked nice. I ordered a glass of wine and Jason got a beer. We ordered a mozerella cheese, tomato, and basil appetizer salad. I really enjoyed it but its not something Jason would usually order. Then, I ordered seafood pasta and tomato rice soup and Jason ordered a burger with a side salad. My soup wasn't so good (pretty bland and there was so much rice, it was more like a rice dish than a soup). The pasta dish was ok, the pasta was extremely al dente, the chunks of seafood (lobster and shrimp I think) were very good but the sauce was a little strong.
Jason's burger must have been good, he demolished it. Then came the redeeming feature of dinner.... dessert. I ordered Banana's Foster Pie and Jason ordered (no big surprise) NY cheesecake. Both were VERY good. All in all we had a good time. We had the whole dining area to ourselves for most of the dinner (I think that is a sign). The bar area was popular since there was a Wisconsin basketball game on. But, the important thing is that now, Jason is smiling.

However, there was some bad news today. I received a letter from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. I knew it was bad because Jason and I file together and his name wasn't on the envelope. My letter says that my social security number was inadvertently printed on our tax booklet that was sent out... leaving me open for identity theft. Wonderful.. and all brought to me by our state government. But... the letter did say that they were extremely sorry and now I have some sort of credit for free credit checks (more often than the free annual ones). I appreciate them trying to make up for it but that should have never happened in the first place! Hopefully everything will be fine.. there was no mention of what to do if there is a problem on the credit check... will they fix everthing in a day... or will my credit be ruined for years. I guess I should end the rant and just do everything I can to protect myself.

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