Saturday, February 24, 2007

And more snow

Jason and I woke up to about 7 inches of snow this morning. So we took our time getting ready and decided to head to lab around 10 since there was a blizzard warning starting at 6pm. We were prepared for terrible roads but the roads were good! We saw plenty of piles of snow and very hard working snowblowers.Even the parking lot I use during the week was full of snow piles.
After a couple hours of work, we went for lunch on our way home since the weather wasn't too bad. We stopped at Land's End Inlet for a big sale. I didn't find anything I liked but Jason bought a new shirt. We were going to go to lunch at Chipolte but instead we chose Chin's Asia Fresh. I had Pad Thai with tofu and Jason had sesame chicken. We split a small order of potstickers and cream cheese puffs. It was all pretty good (good enough to take home) except our fortune cookies. Mine was 'To one who waits, an hour seems like a year' and Jason's was 'Real business often happens during lunch or dinner'
Why exactly are they called fortune cookies? Those are not fortunes.
Our ride home was a little slippery but at this point we have about a foot of snow on our deck and they are projecting up to 24 inches before this is all done.
So today I have done alot of cleaning. I made chicken mole for dinner and I started making some donuts for tomorrow. The dough was a little more messy than I had planned.

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