Friday, February 2, 2007

I Dream of Jeannie.....

I have that stupid theme song stuck in my head. Tonight when Jason and I went to the gym, I was heading to my (yes my) elliptical trainer and all of the sudden I heard the song. Now, there are TV's in our gym but they can only be heard by inserting earplugs into the individual machines. So Jason walks up to my machine and looks in the little holder and there is a cell phone. The gym was pretty empty but a woman a couple of machines down said that 'it might be that guy's' and pointed at a 20 something guy in shorts (funny, even though I am 29, I don't really consider myself 20 something anymore). Anyway, Jason is standing behind him while the guy is doing pull ups, and his phone rings again. The guy didn't have headphones on and was completely oblivious! If you are expecting a call important enough that you have to take your phone to the gym for the hour you are there... maybe you should know the ringtone? I don't know, just a general observation.
Other than that story, there isn't much exciting.. its still cold. Im not sure which groundhog to believe... Phil in Pennsylvania says spring will come early but Jimmy in Sun Prairie says it will be a long winter. I just want the high temperatures to be above 10!

Dinner tonight was pizza pasta, garlic bread, and salad. I think I should have done a better job with the recipe... we have food for the next 3-4 days!
Have a good weekend everyone, stay warm!

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Jamie said...

This page makes me so HUNGARY...stop posting pictures of your meals.The recipes are tempting enough