Sunday, February 18, 2007

Is It Sunday Already????

Ok, so I didn't post anything yesterday..... we were pretty busy with work. I did squeeze in my workout (the final workout for week 1! I don't know if it is because I didn't eat very much yesterday or because of all the S'mores Brownies I ate in the last few days, but the workout definitely didn't feel the greatest. We were supposed to go out to eat last night but we didn't eat lunch until late afternoon so we both finished up at work at about 9:30pm (I know.. it was a Saturday night). Then we came home and got some thing ready for breakfast this morning, watched SNL and went to bed.
This morning we made Huevos Rancheros
and refried beans.

If it hadn't been so much work, I would plan on making them more often. They were very good and I am sure I will make them again, but not every weekend. But after a yummy and filling breakfast, we are ready to start the day.


Natalie said...

That breakfast looks mighty delicious and filling! It makes my all - time favorite breakfast -- Cheerios with sliced bananas and milk -- look downright BORING!!

Natalie said...

No more blogs????????????